Monday, January 21, 2008

Obscured by reality

As a child everyone wants to become something strange or stranger than one another; even though we don’t realize it as children for the simple reason that children are what they are and supposed to be- Children. The exception that I wasn’t; I always wanted to become a train driver and when I got tired of it, I insisted on becoming a truck driver or a fire engine driver for the sheer thrill of blowing the loudest siren in the city. It must be the adventurous streak in every child manifesting itself in some way or the other. The only difference these days is to become a beach bum enjoying the shade of a coconut tree; drinking water from giant coconuts endlessly with a really expensive sound system blaring out ‘A Horse with no name’ keeping the neighbours and storms at bay while a book keeps me pre-occupied. However even the latest radio telescope seems incapable of sighting this distant dream of mine. And that is exactly what it remains. It really wasn’t my fault for that’s exactly what the clean beaches of Vizag/Port Blair reminded me of; of beach bumming and lifeguards of the fairer sex in skimpily clad red swimsuits. It was much later that I realized that this was the absolute myopic dream that was clouding the telescope. Guess some dreams are just meant to be…..

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