Sunday, June 08, 2008


It had been quite a chill night by Tel Aviv standards. My idle brain was over working itself at the breakfast table and decided to go for a swim along with the body that was housing it temporarily, after the sun god had finished his cup of tea with two lumps of sugar, some cakes and biscuits to go with it. I dived in the water and inspected the tiles of the pool quite closely. They were a good shade of blue. Light, like the skies. It was then that I decided to go for some air. I didn't realise how cold the night had been till I or more specifically my head, that particular part of the body that fortunately my brain seemed to inhabit came out for air. To say that I was chilled to the bone was quite an understatement. In fact it took me to the days when we had to swim in the cold cold pool of Lonavla ( I was quite lucky to have done that only once or twice....and that too for the sake of fun) when one could be served chilled after the first gasp of air. I managed to get my air and hit for the end of the pool as fast as I could. When I reached the end of the pool there were two lifeguards by the poolside who where angry at something, pissed off to be very accurate. Sachin who was already in the pool and was frosted came by my side to inform me that my dive had them soaked to the bone too. Whatever happened to their sense of humour......guess that too must have got soaked.

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