Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Long live Obama...and thats how B.C and A.D died

The last four days have been nothing short of bordering on insanity for the news channels. Maybe it was a collective decision to change Indian history by adding another time marker; before and after Obama (B.O and A.O). It was absolutely nauseating (to say the least for the lack of a decent word) to see 24x24 coverage about the US president's visit. The media went gaga and fell head over heels butts up in the air in covering every aspect of his visit right from the ultra second when his fully sleeved and cuffed right hand was visible through the tiny window till he finished his last morsel at the official dinner at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Oh and not to forget his life in college, when and how he smoked pot, his girlfriends, his family, his daughters curriculum in school, their grades, their art…I think I've over-emphasized enough.

I'll leave with a thought to ponder. Apart from causing severe irreversible brain damage and plunging to higher depths of crassness and deeper highs of sycophancy, what has the coverage achieved?

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