Friday, December 17, 2010

The bus trip

I’ve been travelling in and out of buses like every other person who sits in the next seat, especially if there aren’t any rail or air services to the destination. More often than not the overnight trips have been made interesting by some unheard of movie or a well heard of movie meant to be given the miss at any cost. There have been some movies that have made many a trip worthwhile, like Wanted, Veer, Karzzz, and some other hindi and a gujrati movie i can’t remember and not to forget Varalaru, some unknown vijay and vijaykanth sorry captain vijaykanth movies in tamil and of course some telugu movies that i couldn’t pronounce then and can’t remember now.

Just some weeks back I was on a trip to Pondicherry and then later on to Bangalore but both the occasions the journey was uneventful with no movies played. Somehow i couldn’t sleep without the noise and cacophony that ensues when a movie is played in a closed space. I remember distinctly the two of them combining to form a perfect syncopated lullaby and also as the only other place where I could get to watch many an unwanted movie which could claim they had one more person watch it to make it to the records and awards. Guess it was fun and insomnia while it lasted.

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