Monday, August 23, 2010


Crying sis: waaah boo hooo booo hooo....18 year old only i saw you but after birth my father mother i no see; my brother only i seeing and my heart only your love is there but my life and body running every every drop of blood my brother only there; my brother’s love and affection only there...waaah boo hooo booo hooo....

Ugly monkey looking brother: also nodding head from left to right and crying as he is caught in the cross fire between the barbers union and PETA and cant stand the stink of the guy behind him

Constipated Hero with cheap tomato soup for blood: boo hooo booo hooo (and keeps nodding his head from left to right unable to bear the high decibel lecture of the heroine)

Crying sis: look here, one i will tell, understand u...i might have fallen in love beyond me...but without crossing my brother this marriage will take place, you dont even dream

Constipated Hero with cheap tomato soup for blood: Tamil...... (Wow..this guy can speak!!)

(crowd disperses...all the women going to their kitchens for preparing dinner without knowing there wont be any banana leaf feast as Ugly monkey looking brother drops the macho scythe)


Hameeda Talat said...

Ur take on Annamalai song was much better!!
ugly luking bro is TR,right??

for a sec after reading mind went completely blank!! plsssssssssssss spare us!!


i have been sparing the world till now....but all my plans of taking over the world n become the cruel evil ruler..just began with this sorry....this is just the beginning B-)