Monday, August 02, 2010

Cashing a cream cow

India as a country is home to a variety of cows. one can find cows that are worshipped; are whipped, cows of many colours; of multiple colours, cows that can be milched; and those that just chew cud, cows that aimlessly shit on the road, cows that shamelessly dont obey traffic rules, cows that moo, cows that simply dont move, cows with no horns; with small horns; with monstrous horns....but not a cow that has a detachable waffle cone as a third horn so that it can be i-screamed or be addressed as 'theen sing wala gai,why?'

so, ladieeej, genteelmens
and owners of amul, dinshaw,baskin robbins (and other ice cream manufacturers)......this is what is known as cashing on a cream cow!!!

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