Saturday, July 31, 2010

Peace - flat 50% off...offer till stocks valid

Its been sixty three years of talks.....piece wise peace talks between the two countries. yet what the common man finds is a flickering candle with bad food at the table. sixty three years is a long time and is the average life of a man in many countries. the recent talks between the two representatives of the countries reminds of exactly two things: a dialogue of javed jaffery in a dumb movie called salaam namaste and a song by megdeth.

i am not in a mood to review a movie whose claim to fame is a lip lock between the lead actors and some good moment thrown in few and far between the start and the credits with a welcome break. however javed jaffery had the best one liners in the movie. one of them stands out :

"the ghost of the kicks not listens to the talks"

this is probably the most apt statement that our politicians and their nuclear ilk will do well to remember and more importantly follow.

Megadeth is known for their screa(m)arathons and equally heavy guitar riffs and also for the fact that their main agenda for their being is to make metallica seem like an amateur marching band (thank you dave mustaine) but i am really not interested in band politics.
however megadeth has a song 'peace sells but no one's buying...'

guys grow up...if its not in a discount sale or end of season stock clearance no one here is going to buy it


Hameeda Talat said...

hard-hitting truth!!


u mean as hard hitting as the nearest dhobi?