Saturday, July 03, 2010

come home to channa

most of you might have heard this song somewhere or the other- blaring from someone's car speaker when u are returning weary from work or @ some disc where an insane DJ plays some equally insane number of punjabi numbers with the same beats but highly indecipherable high pitched lyrics, basically just somewhere.i happe...ned to chance upon this when i was walking down the corridor to my room.

the song went like channe ve ghar aajave...or something to that i know that this song is by some baldie but what i want to know is that how can channe come home just like that? dont u have to but it at some provision store?

if so then why does the singer want it @ home-is he planning to do channe bhature? if so is it for lunch or breakfast or dinner?and would it be with a tomato onion gravy or floating in a litre of oil?but more importantly are channe nuts to just walk home if some one sings his hair out????

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