Sunday, July 18, 2010

The killer toffee

it so happened that me and my good friend shveta stepped out of a covenience store armed with probly two buck worth toffees instead of change. i was actually taken aback by the toffee wrapper that was an electric fluorescent pink that would have put to shame all the pink neon and fluorescent lights to blush pink with shame. the toffee went by the name of candyman's toffeechoo. Why would any sane candyman name a toffy as toffeechoo unless he was hallucinating from LSD or high on pot? anyways, not withstanding the wrapper, the name and ignoring the warning from the sane lady...i went ahead and unwrapped it. there was a stony silence and yet another warning went unheeded. the toffee was saturated with sugar and some colouring that almost matched the wrapper. i popped it in my mouth. time passed slowly..very slowly, before reality hit me bad, really bad. that was also when all the unheeded warnings and indications also hit me bad, really bad..even worse than reality.....the toffee that i had popped was actually not just saturated with was hyper saturated. the silence might have been stony but my teeth were still made of highly paste brushed enamel. the toffeecchoo actually clung there, refusing to budge like a mighty buffalo in a six feet wide highway and still transmitting shock waves up my teeth, sending me into convulsions with my jaws resting on my hands in a futile attempt to arrest the shocks and aftershocks.

that was when i realised that the toffee bit my teeth. i realise how it feels to have someone's teeth sinking into you.

P.S: i sincerely wish i had known abt this toffee in a killer's disguise before 26 Jul. would most certainly have sent it across the border for the infernally querious shah.


Ishan Karve said...

Toffeechoo== Toffee + Achooo!!! So much for hi-gene


u shd taste it first sir...then there wont be any chance for achoo at me