Sunday, September 12, 2010

Daravna Lift- not a film by the Ramsay brothers

It was a muggy morning, with the sun struggling to get up by and a strong possibility of a shower lurking from the south. It also was a significant day coz it was one of the days when i actually got up @ six. It requires super human effort to wake up @ an unearthly hour when u can sleep comfortably for an hour or so.

I returned from my morning madness to the nearest elevator cubicle and was quite happy to note that i didnt have to climb up five of the six floors. One of them was working and came rumbling down at the press of the button. It was more like a gang of slaves in a creaky galley working upon it than some fanciful goblins or prehistoric animals from the flintstones. The elevator rested a good couple of inches above the ground, leaving some space for Yudhishtra to catch up with (Poor Pandav, U lost 2 a mechanical dullard at an elevation). I stepped in, watching my step to find a two inch hole in the floor, walls a pale shade of what was once yellow with a couple of scratches,stains and faded numbers in every panel. Broken finger nails, some fake blood and a tiny hand reaching from the floor and grabbing my leg would have given an unforgettable chill down the spines of the Ramsay brothers collective and mine too. Yet it was a very small detail that nearly had me served chilled. The segmented display read 7 instead of 0.

By the time i froze waiting for a scene from a horror movie to unravel, we, the elevator and me that is reached the floors above the display read numbers not known to many humans, but only to those who can decode a malfunctioning seven segmented display. The decoder stepped out (watching his step this time too for it was a couple of inches below the floor level. Righteous Yudi, u win the war of levitation and misaligned coil springs) with a wry smile to face the day that lay ahead.

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