Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A tribute to our very own superhero


(Warning: Some scenes in this clip are not suited for audience less than 18 years of age. Rated : PG/18+)

(A Disclaimed Warning: No stunt men or tables were injured during the shoot. Whatever or whoever were presumably injured, they arent in any state to speak...so let em rest in piece...sorry...peace. Children...boys and girls; please don’t try this at home...especially with irritating siblings)

[He walks while other men run...he flies where others jump. no he doesnt require a bedsheet or lungi tied about his neck to resemble a cape neither does he require to show the world his chaddis....he is TR...sorry SuperTR]

Sidekick with strange head gear: head, us he has head downsized talked...we cant free leave him.

B grade villain who failed a C grade movie screen test : aiii...go.....

(SuperTR somersaults over a complete gang of villains....and nadia commeneci was the one who got a perfect ten. Damn what a shame!!)

SuperTR: all of u together clash, i am ready...but one ur body running good blood n one father born say u, one by one come, clash and see we

Henchman, born to become mincemeat: man look like ant...should i clash with him.....i thinking

(Ideally to be thought of as a warm up to the fight....but actually it is the intimidatory tactics that Sun Tzu forgot to mention in his treatise. It takes someone of TR’s calibre to enlighten the world)

(Henchman makes mincemeat of rickety table instead which is again strategically placed....it was just fated to be there. Atleast now start believing in karma... u chameleons)

SuperTR: Brother in Law, man looking like ant only, but i hit... iron like it be. One, fall down guy ask u or one more chap send u n see.

B grade villain who failed a C grade movie screen test: sending i am

(u have every right to interpret his gesture as asking for a ride...but as i said earlier..this is a failed B grade villain who cant take over a small canteen selling two day old dosa, five day old idlis n muddy hot water for tea...as calvin would say...his train of thought is still at the boarding station)

(jumpin monkies, diving henchman....Crouchin tiger, hidden dragon,...ang lee u copycat!!)

SuperTR: Brother in Law, us u saw, say what? U give tea, we have to drink? Now i u give tea, eat. (dishum)..This is simple tea..... (dishum)...this is special tea..... (dishum) (dishum) (dishum) (dishum)...this is what is masala tea my Brother in Law. Till now u nowhere drink no see tea,i give u

(All indians are his brothers n sisters...or is it sisters and brothers in law??. Notice also ....handcuffs? not for TR, such materialistic things; only the connoiseurs taste in tea..wah ustad wah...ye tho TR maheli he)

(watch out u russian gymnasts...this one is for the olympic gold!!!)

SuperTR: come here my village idiot,

get it and u see;

u stand, i hit u,

rise, i kick u.

(A haiku in four verses) (Notice: nimble footwork, unco-ordinated hand movement, n very colourful socks....a real thriller in the making)

(More dishum dishum...dishum and even more dishum.....oh such violence...so much blood...so much gore...this is better than commando n arnaald sivasangar)

(the hand that rocks the henchman, feeds it too with stale fritters...save the cradle n baby food for another day)

SuperTR: come here my Brother in Law, banana fritters;

Your body i tear,will make fritters;

(Fritters: the english version of bajji...or ...bhajia.it can be made from alu,pyaaz..anything u can lay ur hands on...even good for nothing henchmen)

(poor poor brother in law...doosre ko chaai pilaya ...teesre ko bhajia khilaya aur pehle ko kuch nahi....ye unnyai he milord.....sarasar na-insaafi he)

(Confucius say: TR style kung fu, difficult very very...bruce n jackie...sorry sorry

grand master TR...big boss n Police story do, let me take ur order what will u have chicken manchurian or kung pow or 65?)

Master Shifu say
: if master confucius say, then contradict
how i? Po....sorry dragon warrior...forget it n get me some special noodles)

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