Tuesday, December 06, 2011


LPQ - Le Pain Quotidien, french for daily bread is situated about a cobblestone's throw away from the Gateway of India. LPQ is pronounced in the same way as most french words are...absolutely different from how it is spelled. I wont even attempt to twist my tongue around that but the highlighted LPQ link should be able to help you. Wiki also gives a fair idea about the origins and whatever you need to know about the chain. I had heard about it quite sometime back from a food review in the papers and set out there on a whim to try something different. It seemed an eternity crossing the million who had chosen to throng the gateway to get some peace n quiet but more importantly some succour for my hunger. 

I stepped into a world different from congested n deafening traffic into one of understated elegance and simplicity where I was greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread and a myriad of herbs. I was served by some really courteous waiters who had good knowledge of what was served; not that it mattered much for the menu was self explanatory. I went there under the pretext of ordering some eggs but ended up being late for breakfast by a good two hours past noon and so ended up ordering a Mediterranean salad. I would have over ordered and over eaten thereafter had it not been for the helpful people on the floor; not that I would have minded that now on afterthought :P Since I couldn't accommodate anything further despite the known punjabi fact that the stomach is infinitely elastic, I settled for a chocolate croissant and a steaming hot cup of strong freshly brewed cappuccino. The salad was fresh, bountiful and tasted as great as the freshly warmed bread it was served with; the croissant flaky fresh with molten chocolate and the coffee....eeeee all that I had hoped for. It was absolute serendipitous bliss. A small card is still stuffed into my bag as a souvenir.

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