Friday, May 16, 2008


The sun was a brilliant shade of crimson that evening, as it usually is every evening, there was nothing unusual or alien about the color or appearance of the sun. It was comparatively warm to the previous day but relatively cold to the day before that. I was running in the beach as usual, yapping with Sachin about worldly things that come to mind when you are running on a beach. The waves were breaching the beach to a great extent and we were not in the mood to get our sneakers wet, so we experts kept running expertly, avoiding the waves when we passed a couple quite close. All of a sudden a yap, a bark, followed by a series of barks tore through the air. It belonged to a small dog, a very angry small dog of unknown pedigree that had neatly been side-stepped by me. What followed was a little bit of confusion between the dog, its master and me. Fortunately the master saved the dog from a certain defeat in the cross-country championship that would have ensued. The guy was quite sure that the dog was of no match for a champ like me and so things returned to normal, the sun kept sinking down, the waves kept lapping the beach and we kept running on. I wondered what else would have happened if the dog had chosen to compete……

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