Friday, May 16, 2008


I was pretty much bored to death after a TV overdose. The door leading to the balcony was left open in true tropic style to let the fresh air in and also in an effort to get out of the air conditioned space without having to move much. Anyways, there I was, the fastest draw in surfing channels practicing hard for the world championships when the telephone rang. I was informed by the very efficient people guarding the reception that I would have to stop smoking as it was a non-smoking room. I was also quite surprised to discover that I had become a smoker in a matter of seconds. I replied to their obvious discomfort that I wasn’t one and had no intentions of transforming into one either. After due apologies, the reply from the other end caught me off-guard. I was told to shut the balcony door. Even before my mind could wander off to fetch the thinking cap and the pipe in true Holmes style, pat came the reason, the fire alarm had rang and quite honestly the person in the other end seemed very interested to put an end to the ear-splitting heavy metal concert and hence all the attention.

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