Friday, May 16, 2008


The weather or climate of Tel Aviv in March/April is worth more than a mention. When we first reached here, we were told that the winter was still trying its best to ruin the banana plantations, make people stick to their homes, drink some rum thing or two and generally stick to the indoors. The Israelis are a tough lot and some chill Northern wind from across the sea doesn’t bother them in running in the beach early morning or late evenings in only singlets and the shortest of shorts. The weather also does its bit in scaring the daylights out of the forecasters and the meteorologists, making them burn their electricity bills. Take for instance a sample of the weather for a week:
Day 1 - windy, cloudy, chill- probably winter on one of his days at work.
Day 2 - windy but warm during the mornings…..quite hot in the afternoon – onset of summer, maybe?
Day 3 – foggy, very chill wind from the Mediterranean in the evening and rain in the night- just a transition during the usual corporate takeover by summer???
Day 4 – hot in the morning and very hot in the evening, no wind, no rain- surely the start of summer
Day 5 – chill wind makes a telling comeback on people without jackets sitting in the beaches, causing cafĂ© owners and beach shack owners pull down their shutters and bum around idly like tourists- whatever happened to the corporate takeover?
Day 6 – extremely hot by the standard standards of winter…but fit enough to be labeled summer- maybe the deal has been inked and the takeover a success?
Day 7 – windy in the morning, hot in the day, foggy in the evening and chill in the night- talk about horse trading and Indian politicians switching parties, surely they must have taken the cue from Mother Nature.
So I honestly stick to speaking the truth whenever anyone asks me about the weather…….I give them the same set of readings that has sent the meteorologists in a tizzy- am quite sure they too are in a tailspin by now.

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