Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A note to the BEST bus driver

Dear bhau,

you have a big red bus with four wheels and a huge derriere, a manual steering n a very simple diesel engine i presume that roars when you increase the fuel flow. the turning radius is actually a diameter the size of regal circle. this contraption cannot go anywhere beyond a 80/100 regardless of you standing on the accelerator. Incidentally, there are no nitro boosters too if u noticed. a bit of physics with vada pav will tell u that the bus cant take off or VTOL even at max speed with a four jet engines fitted. the only persons satisfying the laws of physics would be the pedestrians n other motorists.

P.S: the domestic airport is at santa cruz, international at...the international airport, n the nearest launch site at sriharikota..oh not to forget NASA launch site at Cape Canaveral.

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