Tuesday, September 06, 2011

a wisely spent weekend that never ended

last night was a small but delightful get together. i left at 8 only to make one wise decision after another. i parked my bike nearby to take the cab to vt. the minute i sat in the cab, the rain god decided to avenge his one week lay off. i managed to get a fast local that had me in the ghatkopar premises by nine fifteen sharp. if ever there was any way to make it faster to ghatkopar from colaba....i guess its not been invented yet. the party was thanx to advaith n darshan n shraddha where i got to meet some old friends after a loong time. the food was the icing on the cake. chocolate in all its gooey creamy glory.

this morning the three of us (navjeet, sonal n me) made a very wise decision to have baked beans on toast n to see delhi belly for which we booked the tickets in the middle of the night. the movie is regardless darker than black,edgier n gross in proportions but such brilliant acts n tongue in cheek humor with brilliant dialogues n even better music still have me in occasional splits even now much to the consternation of people nearby. its a gem of a movie to say the least. briiliant work thru the movie, n if u thought that was it, the movie ends with aamir khan as disco fighter which is another outrageously hilarious item number. this was followed by lunch at urban tadka. this was one of the best punjabi lunches ive had that led to the all familiar sensation that is gastronomic nirvana.the place serves some really tasty food with an ambience thats as rustic and comfortable as home in a mall. any restaurant thats as good is tough to beat.

i came back to see a match that was a battle of wits of two of the best players in wimbledon with my namesake (harsha) in a boisterous sports bar. to beat nadal 6-1 in the second set actually requires the super human powers of a wimbledon champion. and novak proved it right in more ways than many.

i cant think of anything else to do apart from breaking into peals of laughter every time i see a santro or reminded of the dialogues from the movie or just shake my head in awe when reminded of the match.

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