Tuesday, September 06, 2011

spidey cant fly



it was a the best of spider webs n the worst of spider webs; yet spidey or peter in skin tights just couldnt get his mind on the events that unfolded. he was accustomed to jumping of buildings n swinging from them in skin tights with a very bugged expression. the trans atlantic had been one long boring trip. no dovey eyed air hostess to serve, no in flight movies or a loo even. tall buildings were good, skyscrapers manageable but thats exactly what u pay as a superhero with altitude sickness clinging on to dear life on the top of an airbus a 380. spidey realised one other thing. this was the wrong flight he had boarded, rather stuck on to in the last minute. but this came later, much later,when the flight didnt land after 17 hrs n continued in its trajectory half way around the world.

spidey came out of the airport dazed by the air travel n confused by the noise of honking cars,screeching brakes n tires, the grime n sweat of bombay n not to forget the rattle of chassis on speed breakers n pot holes alike. a zeppelin couldve just crash landed instead. fortunately spidey wasnt dressed at his regal best in red n blue, but that was just as inconsequential to the clammy mumbai summer.

peter was in a quandary. he was there in an alien city with just a pair of borrowed clothes n no credit or plastic when he bumped into a weird young man by the name of pavitr prabhakar who spoke in a sing song accent. pp was also a freelance photographer who had a very similar lifestyle n friends just like his. one old couple for relatives, a girl next door dreaming of bollywood item numbers, a rich friend with an i pad n bb but just simply couldnt sync the two of em n his super rich workaholic dad who wore only green, loved his bhara kababs, owned a dozen malls n more importantly a school field trip. not just any school field trip, thetrip that changed superhero-giri forever.

pp was another snot nosed kid with a filmless camera n a camera less mobile phone at the sanjay gandhi national park where he was bitten by not just a spider but by a colony of multi coloured fluorescent spiders by the bagful. they were toxic. they were cheap recycled plastic. it was as though peter was looking through the glass with a small difference. no mushrooms or pipe smoking caterpillars sitting on top of em. sadly though caroll was dead, stan lee was too far away n sharad devarajan n his cronies at gotham entertainment group were so near yet so far. random thoughts seared through peter as tears welled up sorry webbed up......curds n whey, tuffett,muffett...spider!.‎..damn spider!!

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