Tuesday, September 06, 2011

of airport conveyor belts n waterfalls


Similie: a bollywood heroine in a b grade movie where the directors idea of romancing is to make the poor lady roll down a waterfall, make her prance abt under it while the hero lazes somewhere on the sidelines, with a blade of grass b/w his teeth

Hyperbole: the same happening in the niagra or victoria with ivan lendl commenting grass is for cows...

Reality: the luggage conveyor chute at the vizag airport seems to be modelled on either of the waterbodies pouring over a billiard table,... where the luggage is tossed about n around, spun about only to land in the conveyor belt where in all probability there is a perfectly timed head on collision with someone else's luggage or with a barrier meant as a shock absorber for a medieval battering ram

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